Just as MTA has been a trusted print and hands-on resource partner for the past 60 years, we are pleased to support schools as they transition to using more online learning resources. Choose from a range of software including our own flagship digital platforms, Wushka or Lesson Zone, or let us introduce you to one of our new digital partners, ST Maths, Robotify, Peekapak, Dugga, Situ 360, Wonder Workshop and Merge Edu.

All of our partner platforms are carefully reviewed and selected by teachers and industry experts because they are aligned with skill and content outcomes from the Australian Curriculum. They have also been chosen specifically to support the development of your students' Literacy, Numeracy and/or 21st Century Learning Skills.

Complete digital reading solution offering levelled and decodable libraries and reading management system

Wushka is a cloud-based digital reading program, accessible from all common browsers and devices. Wushka offers two specialised K-6 digital reading libraries organised by a comprehensive school management system.

* The levelled library contains over 600 digital books and the decodables library contains over 350 digital books, supported by comprehensive student and teacher support materials.

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Unique spatial-temporal maths program for K-8 proven to show results

ST Math is a visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of maths through rigorous learning and creative problem solving to engage, motivate and challenge K-6 students toward higher achievement.

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Control virtual robots in virtual worlds with block and text coding

Robotify is a curriculum aligned, browser-based robotics simulator suitable for students from years 3 to 9. Robotify allows students to learn how to code with Blocks, python or javascript at their own pace, with step-by-step programming tutorials. Program is made up of 10 different gamified coding courses.

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Hands-on digital teaching aids and mixed reality simulations

Inspire and engage students in STEM and develop 21st Century Learning skills with MERGE EDU, an active-learning platform that provides AR tools, VR learning experiences, a wealth of content and immersive lesson activities designed for the award-winning MERGE Cube.

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Class Connect coding and robotics platform including Dash's Neighbourhood

Wonder Workshop Class Connect, designed for award-winning Dash & Dot robots and kid-friendly Blockly programming app, gives teachers a tool to understand where students are succeeding and struggling in real time. See exactly where students are in their progress with coding and allow students to work at their own pace. Class Connect makes it easy for teachers to help students learn, showing exactly what code students wrote, and which concepts were involved.

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Create and share immersive 360° immersive experiences - a tool for both teachers and students

Browser based, drag and drop, Virtual Reality creation software. Teach students with lessons you have developed for them, or let them play with the interactive software as they learn how to build virtual reality experiences.

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A one-stop solution for all types of knowledge assessment

Dugga helps teachers to assess student learning, provide feedback to students on their learning, moderate across students and classes and report on student achievement. Teachers can create and manage all types of tests, assignments and exams all in one place!

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Award-winning social and emotional literacy and wellbeing platform

Peekapak is an award-winning, social & emotional learning (SEL) program designed for the classroom and the home. Developed by education experts, Peekapak's innovative curriculum combines teaching general capabilities skills like gratitude, empathy and self-regulation and is aligned with Health and Physical Education content outcomes from the Australian curriculum.

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