Teachables – Transparent Shells – 36 pieces

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Colourful, transparent, plastic shells for sensory & exploratory play. The average size of the transparent shells is 3(L)cm. Includes 36 pieces. Suitable for children aged 3+ years.

All the colours of the rainbow are represented in the various shapes, with a wide array of shell species and starfish to explore. It’s a wonderfully open ended resource, the colourful pieces are sure to intrigue further investigation! They’re ideal for use with mirrors, light panels and overhead projectors – even torches or bright sunlight to explore the qualities of light and shadows. Add them to messy or sensory play for extra hands-on tactile play or use them for creating imaginative small worlds or storytelling. Each day can be a new way!

The clam shell measures 3.2(H) x 3.4(L)cm and the starfish measures 4(H) x 3.6(L)cm.

These bright & colourful transparent shells are ideal for children’s sensory play. Sensory play encourages children to learn, develop and grow whilst they’re having fun. Children are encouraged to explore, investigate, and develop their ideas through sensory play. The use of open-ended resources promotes exploration and investigation in sensory play too. Sensory play aids cognitive development, the more senses that are involved the better! Creativity and imagination is developed through new ways of thinking. Often social skills are built through teamwork, and language and communication skills improve. Perseverance is developed as children keep exploring and investigating their surroundings, continually building on their understandings. The benefits of sensory play are incredible. Who knows where their discoveries will lead them!

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