Ten Little Dinosaurs

Ten Little Dinosaurs

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Ten Little Dinosaurs is a book about ten little dinosaurs that do bad things and then disappear once they get into trouble. The dinosaurs are modeled as children and then there are authority figures such as a police officer, doctor and more. The things the dinosaurs get in trouble for are things a child would get in trouble for as well. The book is also written as what a children's song would sound like.

This book is a good book to explain to a child the meaning of extinction. After the dinosaurs get in trouble for riding the bike or jumping on the bed the breed of dinosaur disappears along with the next breed having one less dinosaur. To a child this helps explain why things disappear but instead of saying they all died off, this book puts it in a different perspective and said they disappeared because they got into trouble.

This book also shows that certain things are bad and unsafe so you shouldn't do them or you'll get into trouble, and no child wants to get into trouble.

Book Dimensions (cm):25.1×27.5 x0.5

For children ages 0-3 years

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