Small Geometric Translucent Shapes – 72pc

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A great collection of bright, three-dimensional geometric translucent shapes. Students can compare and analyse the different shapes and get an understanding of geometry concepts from an early age. Perfect for hands-on explorations! The small geometric translucent shapes set consists of 72 shapes, each measuring 5cm high. The set is supplied in a sturdy storage container.

The set consists of 6 of each of the following shapes: cube, large rectangular prism, small rectangular prism, triangular prism, triangular pyramid, square pyramid, cylinder, sphere, hemisphere, cone, pentagonal prism and hexagonal prism, each shape supplied in 6 bright colours. Each student sized set consist of 72 small shapes, each measuring 5 cm. The set consists of 6 of each of the shapes above, each shape supplied in 6 bright colours.

The large amount of shapes in this set allows students to work in small groups and work with their own set of shapes, while following the instructions of the teacher. Geometric shapes set are a great tool to identify the different attributes of each shape, because students can see the shapes from each angle. Students can compare the shapes in the set with every day objects or find the number of faces and edges each shape has, to find out what makes each shape unique. The shapes can even be used for physics classes, so identify the shapes that easily roll, slide or can be stacked. By tracing the outline of the shapes, student can compare 2D and 3D shapes.

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