Jumbo Magnifiers with Stand – Set of 6

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These Jumbo Magnifiers with Stand – Set of 6 are ideal resource for taking a closer look at critters, rocks, fabric and so much more! Each magnifier has a super-safe, plastic lens with a diameter of 11.5cm and offers 4.5X magnification, making tiny objects look 4.5 times bigger than they are! Each hand magnifier measures 20cm long.This magnifying set includes: 6 magnifiers in 6 bright, bold colours, and a stand to store the magnifiers while they are not being used.Hours of exploration await, and little one’s eyes grow big with wonder as they get a new view of the world around them. The flip-out stand on each magnifier allows for engaged, hands-free viewing of life on a grand scale, and sized perfectly for small hands. Investigate the world of the small up close with the detail you can’t see without the magnification.These Jumbo Magnifiers with Stand – Set of 6 are perfect for little hands and make exploring the world around us fun and interactive. They are perfect in every classroom, from childcare centers to primary schools. The magnification of 4.5X will enable users to view small objects 4.5 times their original size, and will be sure to amaze children at the beauty they can find in nature. Children can look at anything from ants to sand. Exploring the world around them has never been more interesting!Science and Technology K-6 Curriculum Outcomes: Suitable for use from Stage 1 – Content focus: Living WorldSyllabus outcome demonstrated:- ST1-1WS-S Observes, questions and collects data to communicate and compare ideas- ST1-2DP-T Uses materials, tools and equipment to develop solutions for a need or opportunity- ST1-4LW-S Describes observable features of living things and their environments- ST1-5LW-T Identifies how plants and animals are used for food and fibre products- ACSSU017 Describe the external features of a variety of living things.Dimensions: 20cm x 11.5cmMagnification: 4.5x

MTA Teachers Resource Catalogue Page: 329

MTA Early Years Catalogue Page: 380

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