I See, You See: Representing Numbers 1 to 10

I See, You See: Representing Numbers 1 to 10

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I See, You See investigates different representations of the numbers 1 to 10. Students learn to recognise different quantities by sight (subitise). This book comes with free teacher’s notes that you can download and gives you ten activity ideas. The teacher’s notes provide activities to further develop student’s understanding of the concepts and language used in the story. These whole-class activities provide students with the opportunity to: – listen to a story about representing the numbers 1 to 10 – use concrete and pictorial materials to represent each number 1 to 10 – match numeral cards and number name cards to visual displays of the numbers 1 to 10 – make a picture book about the numbers 1 to 10 This book is written for students in Foundation Year. Young students have a natural love for stories and for learning. ORIGO Big Books build on this enthusiasm to help you introduce key mathematical concepts. These engaging large-format storybooks (page size 43.0 cm x 33.0 cm) develop and reinforce mathematical language and understanding by stimulating discussion on specific concepts from the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics (Foundation – Year 2). Each story has been developed to explore a particular mathematical concept and build literacy through rhyme and repetition. The beautifully illustrated Big Books encourage children to participate in the story, building their thinking and reasoning skills. Read the story, then explore the concept further with play based activities.

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