MTA Spaces – Hex Tray & Stand – Charcoal

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Inspired by the unique shape of honeycomb, each Hex Tray and Stand Kit includes the charcoal coloured Hex Tray (SUN201) and the height adjustable Stand (SUN102). Can be used indoors and outside. Recommended to keep under cover when not in use. The tray can be used with or without stand and measures 80(W) x 89(L) x 7(H)cm. Up to 6 children can play at one time and the hexagonal shape can be tessellated. The height adjustable metal stand can be used at 35(H) and 50(H)cm. The tray is available in two colours. Assembly required. Contents may vary.

The charcoal coloured hex tray and stand creates the perfect exploratory learning centre! With 6 sides, up to 6 children can comfortably engage in play, tinkering and creating with the chosen resources in the tray. From loose parts and small world play, to arts and crafts and messy play! In any which way you choose, this beautiful play space is sure to the favourite spot in any setting!

The charcoal coloured Hex Tray and Stand is an ideal space for children’s play. Play is such an important part of early childhood, providing children with opportunities to explore, enquire and make discoveries, in turn making sense of the world around them. Play allows children to improvise and imagine, connect with social and physical environments, share experiences and learn from others in an interchange of knowledge. Play also provides children with opportunities to build on emotional, physical, and cognitive capabilities, ensuring children’s developmental skills can flourish.

Care Instructions: Although as with all outdoor suitable products it is best to store inside when not in use to prolong the life of the product. If left outdoors water may seep inside the stand and it may rust from the inside, so it is always best to store indoors and out of the weather.

MTA Teachers Resource Catalogue Page: 657

MTA Early Years Catalogue Page: 283

Kit components

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SUN201   MTA Spaces - Hex Tray - Charcoal   1   EACH The item is available
SUN102   MTA Spaces - Hex Tray Stand   1   EACH The item is available