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Weplay – Motor Skills For Infants – 34 Piece Set


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Product Code WY1100

MTA Catalogue page: 441

This group of components can be used separately or in combination to provide a platform for children to improve their physical skills. The Motor Skills For Infants set includes: half brick (8 pieces), brick (8 pieces), balance beam (4 pieces), 60cm hoop (2 pieces), 70cm pole (2 pieces), 35cm pole (2 pieces), Clip A (4 pieces), Clip B (4 pieces) and one guide book. All is supplied in a storage bag which measures 60 x 80 x 14cm. The Set of 34 pieces come in engaging vibrant primary colours, and also with the different connecting pieces can be set up into a multitude of obstacles and challenges. The hoops, cubes, poles, walkboards and clips will enthrall children and challenge all of their abilities.
The set is recommended for use by Ages 3+ years, and has a a total kit weight of 13kg.
This motor skills education set is ideal for various age groups, and is designed to meet the demands for development and theme based exercises.
The key play values of the set are:
1) Suitable for conducting physical movements in limited indoor space, with the walk routes being able to be assembled at will and used to create different activities.
2) Using spatial variation and different activities, the motor skills for infants set is the ideal obstacle course.
3) develop motor co-ordination, integration and movement planning ability.

MTA Catalogue page: 441