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Dugga is a digital assessment system for all levels of education

Dugga helps teachers to assess student learning, provide feedback to students on their learning, moderate across students and classes and report on student achievement. Teachers can create and manage all types of tests, assignments and exams all in one place!

Digital assessment system

Dugga's easy-to-use interface makes exam creation easy!

Dugga provides features such as auto-grading, plagiarism analysis, text-to-speech and measurable results integrated with your school's learning platform. The system is cloud based and system agnostic. It can be used on all major browsers via Windows, Mac IOS, iPads or Chromebooks.

Create and schedule exams, tests and assignments with text, audio, video and other material. Mark, grade and publish the results right back to your students or use our variety of automated question types for instant results!

Use integrated maths applications such as GeoGebra and Latex to seamlessly deliver mathematical and scientific assessment.

Exam creation

Why schools use Dugga

Dugga schools
  • Anonymous assessment
  • Safe and secure; even works off-line
  • Different security level for all types of exams
  • Easy to use, easy to get started
  • 20 different question types, of which 14 are automatically corrected
  • Flexible feedback options
  • Plagiarism control, text-to-speech
  • Integrate with your school's learning platform
  • Exam library, auto-save, drawing tool, spell check
  • Single sign-on and school data sync
  • Keyword operator
  • Auto-correct and grading, measurable results
Dugga schools


Dugga students video
Dugga students video
How students take an exam in Dugga
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Video-play icon
How teachers create an exam in Dugga


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Dugga Platform Options

Dugga basic
  • Create lessons, assignments and conduct different tests and high stake exams.
  • Use essay as well as auto-correcting question types such as single-choice questions and multiple choice questions.
  • Accessibility tools
  • Basic enables you to use the much appreciated assessment module for the implementation of marking and grading with rubrics.
Dugga advanced
  • All features as in Basic
  • Various accessibility tools
  • Suitable for all types of exams
  • Many different auto-correcting question types including
    • Essay
    • Single-choice question
    • Click text
    • Order
    • Mark
  • GeoGebra for Maths
  • Marking and grading with points
  • Assessment matrices for marking and grading with rubrics and many more.
  • Advanced enables upgrade to Premium.
Dugga premium
  • All features as in Advanced
  • A total solution integrated with your school's LMS
  • Access for all students to all accessibility tools
  • Plagiarism analysis
  • Membership of Dugga's pedagogical forum
  • Microsoft Teams integration

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