Hands-On Digital Teaching Aids and Mixed Reality Simulations

Merge Edu

The Merge Cube lets you hold virtual 3D objects, enabling an entirely new way to learn and interact with the digital world. By using augmented reality (AR), you can bring lesson plans to life in the classroom and let students view, explore and interact with objects from all angles.

Why Merge?

Merge Edu
  • Use Merge Cube to teach lessons or create activities
  • Convert 3D files to digital objects to illustrate complex concepts
  • Merge allows students to "experience" history and science
  • Convert Paint 3D and Tinkercad designs into virtual objects
  • Code in CoSpaces Edu and hold creations as virtual objects
  • Scan real-world objects with Qlone and convert into virtual objects

Core Products

Merge Cube Merge Cube

Merge Cube

Learn through virtual reality! With the Merge Cube you can hold virtual objects in your hand and learn about anatomy, maths, science, engineering and more. The use of the Merge EDU Platform is recommended and sold separately. Things you can do with Merge Cube: STEM Learning; Create Virtual Objects; AR Gaming; iOS Android & Windows

Merge Headset Merge Headset Merge Headset

Merge Headset

Awarded best VR Headset for Big Kids and Tweens by CNN! The Merge Headset allows you to turn your iOS or Android smartphone into an immersive virtual reality headset - no controller necessary. The Headset is made of soft, lightweight foam with adjustable lenses to fit virtually any face. It has over 300 apps, games and virtual reality experiences available on the Merge Miniverse portal. Includes: AR/VR Goggles, Getting Started Guide & Lens cleaning cloth.

Merge Edu Platform

Inspire and engage students in STEM and develop 21st Century Learning skills with Merge EDU, an active-learning platform that provides AR tools, VR learning experiences, a wealth of content and immersive lesson activities designed for the award-winning Merge Cube. With different subscription models, there is always an option suitable for your school. For a full list of inclusions for each subscription model, please refer to our website.

Merge in use Merge diagram

Hands-On Digital Teaching Aids & Simulations

Equip your students with essential tools for effective (hybrid) learning. The Merge EDU platform includes full access to the Merge Explorer and Merge Object Viewer app and all lesson plans and activities, as well as access to the teacher dashboard to manage student accounts and see progress. Also included are assessment options and quizzes.



Teach science with powerful, hands-on digital teaching aids and interactive simulations

  • Over 1000 digital teachings aids for every student in the Merge Object Viewer app
  • Over 100 multi-sensory, interactive simulations in the Merge Explorer app
  • Engaging activities for remote or in-class learning


Teach STEM beyond the classroom

  • Expand your STEM program with mixed reality
  • Upload your own 3D creations onto the platform
  • Collaborate remotely with hybrid STEM projects
  • Iterate faster, save time and cost before 3D printing
  • Enhance the engineering design process

Included in the platform subscription

Merge Explorer
Merge Explorer

Interact with complex models, perform virtual dissections, and observe virtual phenomenon

Lesson Activities
Lesson Activities

Find a starter collection of lesson activities ranging from 15 minutes to full class length to get started with Merge Explorer or Object Viewer

Object Viewer
Object Viewer

Object Viewer Object Viewer allows you to convert 3D models and digital designs into virtual objects you can hold on the Merge Cube

Teacher Dashboard
Teacher Dashboard

Provision and manage student accounts, monitor completion tracking of individual Explorer learning modules and administer student virtual object collections

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