Social Emotional Learning
Curriculum for Preschool to Grade 3

Seamlessly integrates with literacy program through engaging lessons, stories and
personalised learning experiences.

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What is Peekapak

Peekapak is a unique Social and Emotional Learning program integrated through a literacy teaching approach.

Peekapak explores 10 Social and Emotional Learning themes and each theme is explored through one story presented at four different reading levels. Digital books with audio, lesson plans and supplemental content support teachers, and a myPeekaville app for students offers a personalised online learning experience to practice concepts through a game-based approach.

Peekapak are committed to helping children become successful, compassionate, caring, and empathetic citizens of the world!

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Recognised and established worldwide as a leader in social
emotional learning

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Teaching social emotional learning skills like

Self-Regulation, Teamwork and Empathy

has never been more fun!

Aligned with Literacy Standards

Curriculum Aligned

Peekapak aligns with English Curriculum learning objectives and outcomes

Demonstrated Effectiveness in Schools

Demonstrated Effectiveness in Schools

Peekapak's lessons are developed using evidence-based practices and have been validated through extensive research and practice in North American schools.

Engages and Inspires Students

Engages and Inspires Students

Fun experiences that are thematic and personalised, leveraging game-based learning principles. myPeekaville gives students agency to explore a personalised learning experience where they can practice lessons learned in class.

Accessible and Easily Modified

Accessible and Easily Modified

Use all Peekapak units and resources for ongoing classroom support or select the pieces that fit within your existing curriculum.

Promotes Diversity and Inclusion

Promotes Diversity and Inclusion

With myPeekaville, educators, parents, and students all play a role in the learning process by celebrating the diversity in each other's backgrounds, talents and interests

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Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for Preschool to Grade 3

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