Immerse. Engage. Create.

Unleash children's creativity and learning potential with this simple but powerful immersive learning tool. Teach students with lessons you have developed for them, or let them play with the interactive software as they learn how to build virtual reality experiences.


As a teacher, SITU360 is a tool which lets you quickly and easily put your own immersive lessons together. You can pick a 360° scene from our library (or shoot your own if you have a 360° camera), annotate it to illustrate your lesson's purpose, add engaging media, and immediately share it with your students to immerse them in the lesson. Using interactive 360° tools and environments (photos and videos), educators can help to increase knowledge retention by up to 75%, leading to better learning outcomes.


We know these days that most children respond best to learning through real-life experiences. SITU360 simulates these experiences in a way that is the next best thing to really being there. New technologies are becoming a huge part of the educational process for many students. SITU360 has been designed to be extremely easy to use, meaning students can put together interactive tours, 'choose your own adventure' style stories, or simply add images and text to 360° scenes like they would a Google Slide.


  • Take students on immersive virtual field trips.
  • Illustrate difficult mathematical concepts through examples.
  • Create branching stories for kids to explore.
  • Build virtual escape rooms to challenge students deductive reasoning.
  • Kids using SITU360 learn spatial awareness, design aesthetic and new technologies.
  • Create immersive Geography or History lessons.
  • Introduce kids to the natural world in new and exciting ways.

It's as easy as...


Shoot your own 360° photos or videos, or choose some from our library.


Log in, create a project and add your 360s.


Simply drag and drop interactive graphics, text, forms, waypoints and other rich media to complete your experience.


Copy the URL and
share the experience with your class.

No need for technical know-how or experience

Viewing experiences

Although SITU360 projects are Virtual Reality, you don't need any fancy gear to view them. Experiences can be viewed on desktop, via a mobile app or in VR headsets.