Shrink Film Activity Pack

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This shrink film activity pack includes 12 sheets of clear shrink film, 12 colouring pencils and scissors – everything you need to make cool shrinky designs.Shrink film sheets shrink to approximately 60% of their original size when baked in an oven. Draw, cut, bake and watch shrink! Great for creating key tags, jewellery, magnets and more! Each sheet has a sanded/matt side for colouring with coloured pencils and permanent markers. Size: A4 sheets. Pack of 12 sheets.Instructions:Step 1 Draw a design on the matt side of the shrink film using coloured pencils or permanent markers.Step 2 Cut out design and punch a hole if required.Step 3 Pre-heat oven to 150C.Step 4 Place design on a lined tray (matt side up) and bake in pre-heated oven.Step 5 Plastic will begin to shrink after 10 seconds. Remove from oven when plastic has returned to its flat shape.Step 6 If your pieces don’t lie completely flat, lightly press with a spatula, cardboard or oven mitt.Tips:Draw using light colours. Designs will darken when baked.Use a hole punch prior to baking for jewellery or key tags.Shape or twist design while still warm to make rings or bracelets.Do not use watercolour paint or crayons.We recommend the colouring/cutting component of this activity for children aged 5+.A responsible adult is required to supervise and use the oven.

Kit components

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CS4000   Creatistics Clear Shrink Film - Pack of 12   1   EACH The item is available
DP14433   Westcott Scissor Blue 15 cm   1   EACH The item is available
CS0090   Creatistics Coloured Pencils - Pack of 12   1   PK12 The item is available