Cardboard Colour Squares 290gsm 20x20cm – Pack 100

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High quality cardboard colour squares, 290gsm. Ideal for art, craft and cardboard or paper construction in the classroom. 10 assorted colours include red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, pink, purple and black. Size: 20x20cm square.

Excellent for a range of art and craft projects including paper and cardboard construction, collage, framing, card making, cutting and tearing, pasting, drawing, backgrounds for artworks and so much more. These cardboard colour squares are also ideal to use with a variety of drawing and writing tools including pencils, pens, markers, chalk, crayons, charcoal, oil pastels, soft pastels, watercolours, paint etc. There’s so many possibilities!Art and craft activities where children have the opportunity to work with coloured cardboard encourageso many developmental benefits including emotional, physical and cognitive growth. Children are able to explore their creativity, imagination, self esteem and self expression. Art and craft activities promote the development of motor skills, visual processing, executive functioning and an understanding of mathematical concepts including colour and shape recognition to name a few. With so many colours to choose from, what children will be able to create with the cardboard colour squares is only limited by their own imagination, creating endless possibilities.

What will your class create with the Cardboard Colour Squares 290gsm 20x20cm – Pack 100?

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MTA Early Years Catalogue Page: 43

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