Creatistics Coloured Pencils – Tub of 96

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Creatistics coloured pencils are made with top quality pigments for delightfully bright, bold colouring. Perfectly designed for young artists, the hexagonal shape prevents pencils from rolling off tables and the colour strip inside each pencil is fully bonded to avoid breakage if dropped.

Desk Tub of 96 pencils including 12 Colours (8 of each colour per tub).

Vibrant colours. Non-toxic. Break-resistant Leads. Hexagonal shape.

Coloured barrels for easy identification. Colours include: white, black, brown, dark green, light green, dark blue, light blue, purple, pink, red, orange & yellow.

Length: 17.7 cm. Barrel Width: 8 mm. Lead thickness: 3 mm. These great value pencils are ideal for use in the classroom or at home. Also available in a pack of 12 and Classpack of 240.

  • Key features:
    • Hexagonal.
    • Fully bonded colour strip. Break resistant leads.
    • Coloured barrels in a variety of 12 colours.
    • Non-toxic.

Drawing is an invaluable creative outlet for imaginative expression, as well as being essential for developing dexterity and early pen control. Creatistics offers a range of best quality, safe and great value art and craft resources which have been developed especially for classroom use.

Designed to inspire educators and enhance children’s learning through fun, creativity and self-expression, the range features all your classroom essentials including paint and painting equipment, pencils, markers, glue, dough, clay and craft essentials.

Drawing uses movement of the hands, wrist and fingers and so it’s a terrific activity to develop a child’s fine motor skills. When using pencils children are grasping, holding and using hand eye coordination. Children are able to use the strength and coordination practised through drawing for tasks including the working of buttons and zippers and other fiddly every day tasks. Drawing also allows children to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas as well as develop their imagination. As children use pencils to draw they are working on their concentration and observations skills. They can observe and make comparisons with colour, shape, texture as well as proportions of far and near.

Drawing with Creatistics coloured pencils is so much fun!

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