Jumbo Creation Box

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Product Code EC0500

This jumbo creation box is filled with an assortment of craft supplies including chenille stems, pom poms, sequins, popsticks, feathers, joggle eyes, matchsticks and adhesive foam letters. Children will find these craft materials exciting and inspiring. The box includes a selection of hundreds of different craft supplies. This wide range of materials is great for classroom collage activities.

Creativity is a wonderful skill to have which allows children to design and invent. Creative skills also flow into so many developmental areas, allowing children flexible ways to achieve their goals.

Supplied in a reusable plastic container with a clip on lid.

This box includes

  • 30 Chenille Stems in assorted colours
  • 30 Pom Poms in assorted colours
  • 30 Glitter Pom Poms in assorted colours
  • 50 Natural Popsticks
  • 50 Coloured Popsticks
  • 50 Natural Matchsticks
  • 50 Coloured Matchsticks
  • 55 g Sequins in assorted colours
  • 6 Polystyrene Balls in assorted colours
  • 20 Turkey Feathers in assorted colours
  • 50 Coloured Joggle Eyes in assorted colours
  • 50 Black & White Joggle Eyes in assorted colours
  • 35 g Adhesive Foam Letters in assorted colours

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