Creatistics Modelling Clay – Kit of 12 + Tools

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Get the children ready for hours of open ended creativity with this brightly coloured Modelling Clay. They will have lots of fun using their hands to create fun 3D designs using the soft and safe clay. Children can use the soft clay to create the letters of their name, the name of a loved one, place or to have a hands on approach in reciting the alphabet. They can also mix the bright colours to make a bug, an insect, an animal or whatever they please as the possibilities are only as endless as they children’s imaginations allow. Children can also shape the clay into numbers to help with a fun hands on approach to maths. It can also be used with Clay Extruders (CUS0212) and Dough Characters (CL6720) to make fun and unique people or animal designs revealing the inner sculptor in the children to create their next masterpiece in a fun and mess free hands on way. They can also use Dough Cutters (LK6008) or Cookie Cutters (DN2776) or press the clay into different molds to help them with their learning and understanding of the different shapes and then they can roll the clay together when complete to try different molds and shapes. Working with the clay will help the children with colour recognition and it also aids them in the development of their hand to eye coordination and fine motor skills. Made with oil based materials the clay will not dry out, harden or shrink if left out in the air for a long time.

Kit includes 1 of each of the 12 colours plus a bonus of 10 tools.

Modelling Clay does not contain any gluten, wheat or lactose so it is allergen free.

Suitable for children aged 3+ years.

MTA Teachers Resource Catalogue Page: 82

MTA Early Years Catalogue Page: 97

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