Chunky Alphabet Beads

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Use these Chunky Alphabet Beads to reinforce letter recognition, alphabet sequence, word building skills and more with our huge set of over 70 alphabet beads. The chunky 2.5cm beads feature both uppercase and lowercase letters and come with 6 long, 90cm laces with plastic tips for easy lacing. Supplied in storage tub.

Chunky Alphabet beads are a fun hands-on activity to explore letter recognition. They also make a terrific activity for physical skills including fine motor coordination and control as well as hand-eye coordination. Count the beads, recognise the colour, recognise the letter and sound out it’s sound. Use the Chunky Alphabet Beads to build works or even your name!Letter sound correspondences or letter sound matching involves knowledge of the sounds represented by letters and the visual representation of those sounds in the form of letters. Why is knowledge of letter sound correspondences important? Knowledge of letter sound correspondences is essential in reading and writing. In order to read a word, the learner must recognise the letters in the word and associate each letter with its sound. In order to write or type a word, the learner must break the word into its component sounds and know the letters that represent these sounds. Knowledge of letter sound correspondences and phonological awareness skills are the basic building blocks of literacy learning. These skills are strong predictors of how well students learn to read. Lakeshore products are specially designed to motivate and encourage little ones to investigate and engage with their world¦preparing them for learning success! They have been developing innovative products since 1988. Developers take Lakeshore products from ideas to realities, from first sketches and 3-D simulations to rigorous testing and classroom use.

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