Field Trip to the Moon

Field Trip to the Moon

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Get ready for blast-off on an adventure to the Field trip on the Moon! With stunning original artwork by creator and illustrator John Hare, Field Trip to the Moon is a wonderfully witty visual story about exploration, creativity and making friends in the most unlikely places. It’s not every day you find yourself on a field trip to the moon, let alone stranded in outer space! But for one student that’s exactly what happens when her curiosity separates her from the rest of her class. Why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to get your crayons out, look back and draw planet Earth? Alone on the moon, she sits down to draw. But could there be an even bigger surprise when she realises she’s not alone? What would someone that lived on the moon even look like? Be prepared to find out what happens when you reach out to those that are different from us and greet them with an open pack of crayons!Blast-off on an adventure to the Moon!John Hare spent his youth in Kansas drawing comic strips and writing stories about a crime-fighting crocodile. He earned an associate’s degree in graphic design and became an art director for a sportswear company, later moving to Kansas City to work as a freelance graphic designer. It was here that John picked up a brush for the first time and painted a train scene for his son’s nursery. That’s when he realised he wanted nothing more than to bring stories to life.Hardback 260 x 250mm.

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