Translucent Magnetic Tiles Construction Set – 32 pieces

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These translucent magnetic tiles give children a fun, hands on way to explore colours and shapes as they build! Magnetic construction is a wonderful way to encourage the development of problem solving, logical thinking and creativity in young children. The magnetic tiles connect easily along the magnetic edges and can be used to make both 2D and 3D shapes. The magnetic tiles provide endless building possibilities, and develop early math and science concepts such as shape, colour, pattern and magnetism. Students will love building and creating their own master piece with the use of the magnetic tiles. Smooth in texture, students will be fascinated how the tiles stay together to form their solid 3D shape. An excellent teaching aid to reinforce and discuss 3D objects.

Magnetic tiles construction set includes the following pieces: 2 x large square, 14 x small square, 4 x isosceles triangle, 4 x right angle triangle, and 8 x equilateral triangles. The colour of the pieces will vary. The largest piece measures 15cm square. Suitable for children from the age of 3 years.

The following Magnetic Tile sets are all compatible MYYC2K, MYY96K, MYY100, MYY032, MYYC2, MYY024-3 and MYY024-6. These magnetic shapes are excellent for supporting a STEM-based curriculum in the classroom, both for early childhood as well as in primary school.

MTA Teachers Resource Catalogue Page: 429

MTA Early Years Catalogue Page: 739

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