Magnetic Lower Case Letters Pack of 288

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Magnetic letters are one of the most commonly found resources in the early childhood and school environment. Teachers will encourage children to play with magnetic letters as they are a perfect tool for practising the following essential literacy skills: Letter recognition Letter/Sound Matching Letter Formation Word Building Sentence Building The magnetic letters are produced by Quercetti who have been proudly manufacturing educational resources and toys in Italy for over 60 years. Quercietti achieve the highest quality standards possible by directly monitoring the design, concept, engineering, rendering, mould production, injection moulding, assembly, packaging, stocking, and shipment of all their products.

Illustrated boards (QT5101 & QT5105) sold separately.

The pack of 288 magnetic lower case letters contains varying quantities of each letter of the alphabet. With more commonly used letters featuring most frequently. The letters measure 2.5 (L) to 3.8 (H) cm and come in 5 colours. Supplied in a bag.

Please note that the letters don’t come in all colours.

Yellow: s, e, m, r, c, l, a, oGreen: n, y, b, i, g, f, v, tOrange: q, i, k, x, e, b, t, nBlue: u, z, h, w, d, i, j, pRed: s, e, m, r, c, l, a, oSuitable for children ages 4+ years.

MTA Teachers Resource Catalogue Page: 473

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