Storytime in Space Book Pack

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One of these books is being read from the International Space Station by an astronaut! Get starry eyed with this Storytime in Space Book Pack. Check out the attached clip; the story begins at about 15 minutes in!SLT2356 Give me some Space! – is the official story chosen for ALIA NATIONAL SIMULTANEOUS STORYTIME 2021, TO BE CELEBRATED ALL ACROSS AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND! “Una dreams of a life in Space. Life on Earth is just so so-so. But how will she get there? And will she complete her mission to discover life in Space? And did she remember to feed Neil the goldfish?” This year National Simultaneous Storytime takes place on Wednesday 19 May 2021 at 11:00am from the International Space Station and we would love it if you could join us by sharing Give Me Some Space written and illustrated by Philip Bunting. Everyone can join NSS, it doesn’t matter whether you are at home, a school, a public library or even a university library! Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover – A stylishly illustrated non-fiction book about the search for life on Mars, told from the unique perspective of NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity. Discover the incredible story of the search for life on Mars, told from the unique perspective of Curiosity, the Mars Rover sent to explore the red planet. Markus Motum’s stylish illustrations and diagrams reveal how a robot travelled 350,000,000 miles to explore a planet where no human has ever been. Shortlisted for the Klaus Flugge Prize 2018.MAC4822 Field Trip to the Moon – Get ready for blast-off on an adventure to the Field trip on the Moon! With stunning original artwork by creator and illustrator John Hare, Field Trip to the Moon is a wonderfully witty story about exploration, creativity and making friends in the most unlikely places. It’s not every day you find yourself on a field trip to the moon, let alone stranded in outer space! But for one student that’s exactly what happens when her curiosity separates her from the rest of her class. Why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to get your crayons out, look back and draw planet Earth? Alone on the moon, she sits down to draw. But could there be an even bigger surprise when she realises she’s not alone? What would someone that lived on the moon even look like? Be prepared to find out what happens when you reach out to those that are different from us and greet them with an open pack of crayons! Paperback 260 x 250mm.PEN3557 Moonwalkers – When Apollo 11 blasts off for the moon, the whole world is watching. On the other side of the planet, Billy, Mickey and Buzz decide to be astronauts too. Dream astronaut dreams, and celebrate Australia’s role in one of humanity’s greatest achievements, the moon landing of 1969. Moonwalkers is a joyous story of imagination and play – the greatest bedtime story ever told. Hardback. 242 x 279mm.SIM0064 Ori’s Stars – A touching and beautiful tale by the author of Ziggy and the Moonlight Show Far out in the depths of space lives Ori. Tired of living alone in the darkness, Ori discovers how to create a star and before she knows it, she has created hundred of them. As they light up the sky around her, figures far and wide begin to flock to the stars and soon Ori realises that she isn’t alone after all. An outstanding tale of the power of friendship to shine through even the darkest of nights! Hardback. 247 x 285mm.Contents of kit may vary. 

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